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Syed Mohammad Shamim 






Exhibition Dates:-  September 23rd - October 4th
Closed Wednesday and Sunday

Opening Hours: 11am - 5pm


Syed Mohammad Shamim is a leading artist from the city of Dhaka, Bangladesh. He has chosen Brixton Art Gallery for his first European show. 

He has titled his exhibition 'Paradise'. In his own words:

'Paradise Lost... Paradise Found...
In our constant search for happiness, in our grasping at peace and pleasure, are we lost? Have we found what we hoped to find? Amidst our euphoria, are we disappointed? Because our paradise is vulnerable? Because we are still unsure of what will complete us?
Sometimes these questions compel us to react...
Shamim chooses to confront his paradise with his canvas to let his palette show him what he has lost and what he has found. Urbanity-our constructed paradise- has a will of its own. Once we have chosen to tango with our newfound paradise we have never really been in total control. We have given in to its seduction , and indulged in all its pleasures... gladly. Oh, and how good it has been! It's just the morning after that sometimes leaves us with a void that we would rather not discuss... '
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