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Brixtongue is an established performance poetry night which takes place at Brixton Art Gallery every other month on the second Saturday.

Nov04Brixtongue.jpg (163653 bytes)The next Brixtongue takes place on Saturday 8th October. Doors open at 8 pm, performance begins at 8.30 pm, and admission is £6/5. Some of our regular performers:

  • Alex Wheatle Author of 'Brixton Rock', 'East Of Acre Lane' and other novels of the Brixton life. 

  • Amen Noir Afrikan warrior of words, choreographer & producer

  • Andy Ross Singer, guitarist, songwriter. A haunting voice, and always brings new songs to Brixtongue.

  • Anjan Saha London based 'tablapoet'. The voice of the Beat Generation for the 21st century.

  • Baden Prince Runs North London's Speakeasy poetry night. Spurs us on to greater things south of the river.

  • Deep Cobra Grew up in South London, moved to the US, always brings the best of both to Brixtongue.

  • Edge Made a storming debut at the last Brixtongue.

  • Emerius A master of words and a wonderful storyteller.

  • Floetic Lara An outstanding voice, both as singer and poet. Still in her teens and making a big reputation out there.

  • James Messam Jamaica's finest! The man from Clarendon, the inspirational voice from yard.

  • Jazzman John Clarke Does with words what Coltrane did with the horn.

  • Michael Groce A major figure in Brixton and a foundation poet for our younger performers.

  • Mr Gee Just brought out his first album 'Poetry In The Key Of Gee'. Our MC, a born storyteller. His rhymes come easy as breathing.

  • Phenzwaan A seasoned performer with several CDs to his credit. Holds an audience in the palm of his hand. With Brixtongue since our first night.

  • Queeley Singer-poet with a beautiful voice and a beautiful presence.

  • shortMAN A true star. You don't know the meaning of intense till you've seen shortMAN perform.

  • Paradox Simply, a star. Unsurpassed verbal dexterity and a trip to the furthest reaches of our lives on Earth.

  • U'Mau Great voice, her own lyrics, her own guitar.

  • Yam Boy Cutting edge rapper and performance poet exploring his own dual identity as a British Asian

MC Mr Gee

Reggae from Zinc Fence

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